The following lenders are interested in financing auction buyers. They are familiar with the auction process and may be able to pre-qualify you before the auction. Although we have done business with everyone listed, A.J. Billig & Co., Auctioneers does not endorse any particular lender. As an auction buyer, you have the right to use your own source of financing or pay cash, as well as select your own title company.


  Residential /
Commercial Investor Farms / Land / Other

Craig Kessler
Freedmont Mortgage Funding

(410) 654-3900
NMLS# 69281

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Sherry Gentry
MidAtlantic Farm Credit
(410) 838-4242
NMLS# 662735

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John Berger
Hamilton Bank

(410) 823-4510
NMLS# 480525


Mark DeLucca
Hamilton Bank

(410) 823-4510


Robert Wade
Columbo Bank

(240) 223-1048


Gregory J. Lawson
Kopernik Bank
(410) 276-4905 ext. 113 
NMLS# 266572

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Todd D. Cagwin, Esq.
Commonfund Mortgage Corp.
(410) 946-6082
NMLS #1135111

Harry C. Gormley
Chesapeake Bank of Maryland
(410) 515-3135 Ext. 1107
NMLS# 904618
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Mike Sontag
Wells Fargo Bank

(443) 902-2491
(Providing 25 year fixed rate commercial financing - no balloon)

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Mary Jo Taylor, Sr. VP
CFG Community Bank 

(410) 513-8775

   check check  

Greg Sellmayer
SunTrust Bank
(410) 561-4370
NMLSR# 658922


Pete Pecoraro
Spring Garden Lending
(410) 456-1010


Neil Roseman
Block M Investments, LLC
(410) 591-4597


Michael Schonfeld, Senior VP
Revere Bank
MD, DC, No. VA
Office: 443-274-1034
Cell: 443-386-2593
NMLS #788523

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Richard E. Levine
Greenbriar Lending LLC

(301) 529-2586

  check check  

Joe Marzouk
Equity Lending, LLC

(410) 833-7995 ext 13

  check check  

Jamie Mossovitz
Worthington Alternative Capital

(443) 738-1626

  check check  

Russell Frost
Lakeside National

(410) 592-2967

  check check check

Daniel Wernecke
CFG Community Bank

(410) 769-5803

  check   check

Jill Lewandowski
JBA Group, Inc.
(410) 215-4469

  check check check

T. Guy Cook, CPLA
Direct Private Lender
Baltimore City Rehab Specialist-MD, DC, N.VA

  check check check

Michael Mirsky
TBG Funding
(410) 231-7750 

  check check  

Cameron Lawson
PSG Lending, LLC
(443) 386-6044 

  check check  
  Residential /
Commercial Investor Farms / Land / Other