"Washington Village" Tavern Building 7-Day Beer, Wine & Liquor License Inventory, Fixtures and Equipment


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1:00 PM
1415 Washington Boulevard, "Carroll Station", Baltimore, MD, 21230
Baltimore City
Washington Village
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Douglas L. Burgess, Solicitor
Nolan, Plumhoff & Williams, Chartered
502 Washington Avenue - Suite 700
Towson, Maryland 21204





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Sale On Premises
- Opposite Carroll Park -
Baltimore City, Maryland 21230

AT 1:00 P.M.

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Real Property

      Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a certain First Purchase Money Mortgage from 1415 Washington Boulevard Investments, LLC to LHB Boulevard, LLC, dated January 30, 2007, and recorded among the Land Records of Baltimore City, Maryland, in Liber 09014, page 0022, and by assignment thereof to Robert S. Glushakow and Douglas L. Burgess, Assignees, to exercise the power of sale therein, by instrument duly executed, acknowledged and recorded among the Land Records aforesaid, default having occurred under the terms thereof and at the request of the party secured thereby, the undersigned Mortgage Assignees will sell at Public Auction by virtue of proceedings before The Circuit Court For Baltimore City and captioned as Robert S. Glushakow, Douglas L. Burgess Mortgage Assignees, vs. 1415 Washington Boulevard Investments, LLC, Case No. 24-0-13-002146, on the premises, the following:

      All that fee simple lot of ground and the improvements thereon, situate and lying in Baltimore City, State of Maryland and being more fully described in the above-referenced First Purchase Money Mortgage and having an address of 1415 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland 21230; lot size 35'9" x 80', more or less.

      The improvements are believed to comprise a two story brick in-line tavern building. According to public tax records, the building was constructed in 1900, contains 3,168 square feet of gross building area, 1,800 square feet of basement space and zoned R8. The property is currently operated as "Carroll Station" a bar and restaurant, reported to be open seven days a week. The building is believed to contain a bar, dining room, billiard room and additional meeting room; replacement windows; gas forced hot air heat and central air conditioning.

      The property will be sold in AS-IS, WHERE-IS condition and subject to conditions, restrictions, and agreements of record affecting the same, with no warranty of any kind, express or implied. Square footage, acreage and dimensions mentioned herein are approximate and more or less. The offered property consists of the real estate only. Prospective purchasers are encouraged to perform their own due diligence with regard to the permitted uses of the site.

Personal Property

      Pursuant to a Financing Statement and Security Agreement by and between 1415 Washington Boulevard Investments, LLC, Debtor to LHB Boulevard, LLC, Secured Party, dated June 12, 2012 and recorded among the Financing Records of the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation as File No. 0000000181448115, default having occurred thereunder the Secured Party will sell at Public Auction on the premises the following:

      7 DAY (TYPE LBD-7) BEER, WINE & LIQUOR LICENSE. (PERMITS SALES FOR ON AND OFF-PREMISES CONSUMPTION.) The transfer of this liquor license is subject to the approval of the Board of Liquor License Commissioners of Baltimore as in the case of an original application, and it shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser to obtain said approval. In addition, in line with Article 2B of the Annotated Code of Maryland, any tangible personal property taxes, retail sales, amusement, admission and/or withholding taxes must be paid to the City of Baltimore and/or State of Maryland.

      FURNITURE, FIXTURES, EQUIPMENT, INVENTORY and any other personal property assets located on the premises and encumbered by the aforementioned Financing Statement and Security Agreement will be offered as an entirety.

Manner of Sale

      The real property will be offered first and the bid reserved, required deposit $20,000. The personal property, including the liquor license, furniture, fixtures and equipment will be offered and the bid reserved, required deposit $5,000. Then all of the assets will be offered as an entirety, required deposit $25,000. The sale will be made in the manner producing the greater amount.



      Deposits as stated above under Manner of Sale, payable by cashier's check will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale.

      Real Property and Entirety Purchaser - The deposit is to be increased to ten percent (10%) of the purchase price within twenty-four (24) hours at the office of the auctioneers. No deposit will be required of the holder of the indebtedness or its wholly owned subsidiary if the property is purchased by the holder of the indebtedness or its wholly owned subsidiary. Balance to be paid in cash at settlement, which shall take place within ten (10) business days following final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. If payment of the balance does not take place within the specified time, the deposit shall be forfeited, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. The holder of the indebtedness shall be entitled to all excess proceeds under a resale of the property. Interest to be charged on the unpaid purchase money, at the rate stated in the Mortgage filed in the foreclosure proceedings, from date of sale to date of settlement. All adjustments as of date of sale. Taxes, ground rent and all other public charges and assessments for the current year, including sanitary and/or metropolitan district charges, if any, to be adjusted for the current year to date of sale and assumed thereafter by the purchaser. All costs incident to the settlement shall be paid by the purchaser with all costs of documentary stamps, transfer taxes and recording charges to be paid by the purchaser. The Mortgage Assignees or the holder of the indebtedness shall not pay any costs of any kind for closing the transaction. All costs are borne by the purchaser. The property will be sold in "AS IS WHERE-IS" condition, without express or implied warranty as to the nature, condition and/or description of the improvements, the ability of the property to be further developed or subdivided, the ability of the improvements to be maintained as separate units, the ability of the property to be divided into units, the value, profitability or income potential of the property, the existence or non-existence of lead paint or any existent or latent environmental condition affecting the property and the improvements. The sale shall be subject to any building code violations, easements, agreements, tenancies, restrictions and/or covenants of record affecting same, if any. The purchaser shall be responsible for complying with the registration of the property with those governmental entities having jurisdiction over the property, if applicable. If settlement is delayed for any reason, there will be no abatement of interest. This Advertisement may be amended or supplemented by oral announcements during the conduct of the sale, and any such announcements shall constitute further terms or conditions upon which the above described property will be offered for sale. The Mortgage Assignees may reject and withdraw a bid by a prospective bidding purchaser at sale, if the Mortgage Assignees determine that any bid so offered is not commensurate with the value of the property being foreclosed upon. The highest bidder acknowledged by the Mortgage Assignees shall be the Purchaser, and in the event of any dispute among the bidders, the Mortgage Assignees shall have the sole and absolute final discretion to determine the successful bidder or to resell the property. Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining physical possession of the property, and the risk of loss shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale. Conveyance of the real property will be by Mortgage Assignee's Deed, supplemented by an additional confirmatory conveyance. If the Mortgage Assignees are unable to convey good and marketable fee simple title, the purchaser's sole remedy in law or equity shall be limited to the refund of the deposit. Upon refund of the deposit, this sale shall be null and void and of no effect, and the purchaser shall have no further claim against the Mortgage Assignees, the holder of the indebtedness, the Solicitors or Auctioneer.

      Personal Property Purchaser (if sold separately from Real Property) - balance due in cash within 48 hours and immediate removal required.

      The right to postpone, set over, or cancel the sale prior to the scheduled sale is reserved by the Mortgage Assignees and Secured Party. Any such postponement, setting over, or cancellation will be announced on the scheduled date of sale.

Robert S. Glushakow and Douglas L. Burgess,
Mortgage Assignees

LHB Boulevard, LLC, Secured Party

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