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"Rockville - Sycamore Acres" 0.97715 Acre Homesite


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Sold Price
Auction Date
Auction Time
10:35 AM
15915 Emory Lane, Montgomery County, MD, 20853
Montgomery County
Rockville, Sycamore Acres,
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"Sycamore Acres"


 Known As
Off Muncaster Mill Road
Montgomery County, Maryland 20853

Sale On Premises
THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2008
AT 10:35 A.M.

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        Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust from Elexamis Reynolds and Minnie Reynolds, to the Trustee(s) therein, dated February 15, 2007, and recorded among the Land Records of Montgomery County, Maryland in Book 34496, page 690, the holder of the indebtedness having evidenced the debt by a "Note" signed at even dated therewith, the holder of the indebtedness secured thereby having appointed Wayne T. Prem to act as Substitute Trustee, in place and stead of the aforementioned Trustee(s), by instrument duly executed, acknowledged and recorded among the Land Records aforesaid, default having occurred under the terms thereof and at the request of the party secured thereby, the undersigned Substitute Trustee will sell at Public Auction, on the premises, the following:

        All that fee simple lot of ground and the improvements thereon, situate and lying in Montgomery County, State of Maryland and being more fully described as follows:

        BEING KNOWN AND DESIGNATED as Lot 43, Block D, Sycamore Acres, as per plat recorded in Plat Book 34, folio 2217, among the Land Records of Montgomery County, Maryland.  Tax Map Reference No. 08-03581238.

        The property is believed to comprise a wooded residential lot in an existing single family home subdivision.  Public water and sewer are believed to be available.  Public records indicate that the lot is zoned RE1.  The site is believed to front 125' on Emory Lane by a depth of 358.9', more or less. 

        SUBDIVISION PLAT (pdf)

        NOTE: This beautiful lot is one of three contiguous lots in Sycamore Acres being offered on the advertised date. For auction details, see: 15907 Emory Lane and 15921 Emory Lane.

        The property will be sold in an "as is" condition and subject to conditions, restrictions, and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, and with no warranty as to the description of the improvements.  In addition, the property will be sold subject to all existing housing, building, and zoning code violations and subject to all environmental problems and violations, which may exist on or with respect to the property.

        TERMS OF SALE:  A $10,000 deposit, payable by certified check or cashier's check, will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale.  The deposit shall be increased to 10% of the purchase price within 24 hours at the Auctioneer’s Office.  The holder of the indebtedness, if a bidder at the sale, shall not be required to post a deposit. Time is of the essence as to the purchaser.  If the purchaser defaults the deposit shall be forfeited and the property shall be resold at the purchaser’s risk and expense.  In the event of a default, the purchaser agrees to pay, at settlement, attorneys’ fees in the amount of $1,000.00 plus costs.  Balance of the purchase price to be paid in cash within ten (10) business days of the final ratification of sale by the Circuit Court for Montgomery County.  If payment of the balance of the purchase price does not take place within ten (10) business days of ratification, the deposit will be forfeited and the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser.  Interest to be paid on the balance of the unpaid purchase price at rate pursuant to the deed of trust note from date of sale to the day the funds are received in the office of the Substitute Trustee, with no abatement of interest for any reason, in the event the property is purchased by someone other than the noteholder.  In the event settlement is delayed for any reason including, but not limited to, exceptions to this sale, bankruptcy filings by interested parties, court administration of the foreclosure or unknown title defect, there shall be no abatement of interest.  In the event that the Secured Party executes a forbearance agreement with the borrower(s) described in the above-mentioned Deed of Trust, or allows the borrower(s) to execute their right to reinstate or payoff the subject loan prior to the sale with or without the Substitute Trustee’s prior knowledge, this Contract shall be null and void and of no effect, and the Purchaser’s sole remedy shall be the return of the deposit without interest.  The sale is subject to post-sale confirmation that the borrower did not file for protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code prior to the sale as well as to post-sale confirmation and audit of the status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not limited to, determination of whether the borrower entered into any repayment agreement, reinstated or paid off the loan prior to the sale or in any such event.  This sale shall be null and void and the Purchaser’s sole remedy in law or equity, shall be the return of his deposit without interest.  Taxes, ground rent (if any) and water rent to be adjusted to date of sale.  All other public charges and assessments, payable on an annual basis, including sanitary and/or metropolitan district charges, to be adjusted for the current year to date of sale and assumed thereafter by the purchaser.  The purchaser is responsible for any amount in excess of $250.00 of outstanding water bills, if any, incurred prior to the date of sale.  Cost of all documentary stamps, transfer taxes and settlement expenses shall be bourne by the purchaser.  Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining physical possession of the property.  Purchaser assumes the risk of loss or damage to the property from the date of sale forward.  Should the Substitute Trustee be unable to convey good and marketable title, then the Substitute Trustee and purchaser or purchasers mutually agree that the purchaser or purchasers’ sole remedy in law or equity shall be limited to the refund of the deposit to the purchaser or purchasers only.  Upon refund of the deposit, the sale shall be  void and of no effect, and the purchaser or purchasers shall have no further claim against the Substitute Trustee herein.  Purchaser agrees to pay $350.00 at settlement, to Seller’s attorney, for review of the settlement documents.  Purchaser further agrees to pay the Seller’s attorney a fee of $250.00 for any motion that may be subsequently filed with the Court to Substitute a Purchaser herein.

Wayne T. Prem, Substitute Trustee

No Buyer’s Premium