Sell at Auction
What are the steps to selling a property at auction?


Auctioneer's Duties

A. J. Billig & Co., Auctioneers regularly provides the following services:

Inspects the Property to Evaluate its Sales Potential at Auction

Provides an Employment Agreement Outlining Commissions and Costs

Prepares a Marketing Plan with Cost Estimates

Prepares and Places Advertising - Print Media, Direct Mail, Internet, Radio/TV, Signs

Conducts Inspections for Purchasers and Provides Buyer Education

Arranges for Financing Options

Provides for Broker Cooperation

Gives Client Periodic Updates

Prepares Contract of Sale

Conducts the Auction

Has Contract Executed and Collects Earnest Money Deposit

Provides Statement of Accounting and After Sale Follow-up


Can we set a minimum price if we put the property up for auction?
Yes. Before auctioning your property, a principal of A.J. Billig & Co., Auctioneers will speak with you, do market research and provide you with the likely range for which your property would sell. If agreeable, we would then set up an appointment to meet at the site. We will go over the auction procedure in detail and suggest a baseline minimum reserve price. Our goal is to obtain the highest price possible. We will give you a realistic opinion of what to expect.

What if I put the property up for auction and it doesn't reach the "Reserve Price"?
If the auction does not meet the reserve price, you would have two options. First, the property can be withdrawn from sale. Your only expense will be the actual advertising costs. Second, you can accept the offer and still sell the property.

Where will the auction take place?
The auction can take place on-site at the property, via our online bidding platform or in a gallery setting.

The property is a mess, who is responsible for cleaning it up?
A. J. Billig & Co., Auctioneers can arrange to have properties cleaned, debris hauled away and will make suggestions to further enhance the property's value.

What do we do with all of the personal property in the home?
A.J. Billig & Co., Auctioneers can arrange to have personal property sold and/or moved.

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